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Training world changers since 1993.

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Create a legacy worth leaving

We believe that God calls each of us to be an active part of a story much larger than we could ever imagine. It’s a story of you changing the world in a way you never dreamed possible.

With 21 years of experience mentoring young adults, we believe that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more concentrated year of personalized discipleship than Focus One.

Today, over a thousand alumni all over the world are living proof that as you take time to FOCUS your ONE and ONLY life, you can change the world.

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A local church, with global impact

As a part of Focus One, you will get to plug in to City First Church, our home church that has been named one of the fastest growing churches in the nation the last two years in a row! Come be part of an arms wide-open community that is experiencing explosive growth and incredible life-change.

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Unleash your potential

You will be pushed to discover the kind of person God made you to be, and what He might want to do with your one and only life. You will learn from a custom-made academic curriculum that grounds you in Biblical truth, hear from some of the top Christian influencers and communicators in a personal setting, volunteer throughout our city with a variety of organizations, and make memories that last a lifetime through this one-of-a-kind experience.

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What Parents, Pastors & Thought-Leaders are Saying


Beth Peanosky

“As we prepare to send our youngest son off to Focus One, I think about all that God has done in the lives of our two older sons who have already gone through the program. God has truly given them direction in their lives that they had so desired. They are excited and ready to change the world that they live in and trust Him in all that they do.

I know God has great things in store for anyone who is willing to invest just 10 months of their lives.”

Gabe Lyons
Author & Founder of Q Ideas

My experience with friends who have participated in RMC/Focus One is that they are some of the most authentic and deeply committed followers of Christ I’ve known. This program has personally impacted me as my most significant discipleship experience came through an RMC/Focus One alumnus. Their work is not limited to the time spent in the program – but is carried with them as they go throughout life doing the hard work of Christianity – making disciples.

John Novak

“Our daughter came away a totally different person. She became a leader; there was a real relationship with God, a deeper relationship. As a parent I would strongly encourage any parent to consider sending their child to this program.”

Aaron Hubert
New Life Church, Lead Pastor & Church Planter

“Over the past 3 years of pastoring a new church, I’ve seen eight of our students pack up everything and move to Rockford for a ten-month journey of a lifetime. Many of them have since come back with a readiness and a willingness to be used by God to impact the world around them. The leadership team in Rockford is cultivating an environment where God is producing dynamic and passionate followers of Jesus. I highly recommend you take that journey.”

Chip Block
Father / Oak Brook Community Church, Lead Pastor

“As a pastor and father of a Focus One graduate I am sold on what this ministry is doing. It is truly discipleship at its core. There’s no better way for a young adult to spend their first year beyond high school to lay a foundation for life and get clarity for their future than at Focus One.”

Chris Seay
Church Planter, Author, Pastor of Ecclesia Houston

Focus One is gifting emerging leaders with the skills they need to lead in the kingdom. I am grateful for the faculty and students of Focus One.

Jeanne Mayo
President of Youth Leader’s Coach, Author & Speaker

Focus One is a unique one-year discipleship program that will be an incredible asset to ANYONE prior to jumping into the rest of his or her life. As with any quality discipleship program, leadership is paramount, and Focus One has some of God’s finest. I recommend the program highly.

Senator Paul Gazelka

“We have sent some of our children straight to a four-year college and we believe that taking a year off and really seeking God first is worth the investment. To me, it’s not money poorly spent when a son or daughter can really figure out what they’re called to do and can run with much more clarity down the path to a four-year degree or whatever direction that is. Taking a little extra time as they launch into adulthood to seek God? I don’t think you can put a price on that.”

Jon Acuff
New York Times Best Selling Author of four books including "Start"

Focus One could have saved me years and years of wondering what I was supposed to do with my life after college. Don’t miss your chance to fast forward your future. I highly recommend the amazing work that goes on inside this program!

Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor & New York Times Best Selling Author

In all my travels around the nation, I haven’t seen a ministry do what Focus One is doing. They are passionately and creatively preparing young adults to engage culture as Christ followers. I would encourage everyone to take one year to discover your God-given destiny.

Margaret Feinberg
Author & Speaker

What would it look like for a young person to give their life wholly and fully to God? What impact would that person have on the world? Focus One is answering that question with an innovative and creative approach to helping people become all God has created them to be. Why not take a year and see what God does?

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